Development of an Open High School for the Mexican Government

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We created, in collaboration with an official educational institution, an open and online high school without a mandatory calendar, making it an innovative educational project that offered flexibility and accessibility to students. Here are some key ideas we considered to develop this project:

Online Learning Platform: Develop a robust and user-friendly digital platform where students can access study materials, take exams, and participate in discussion forums. This platform should be accessible from various devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

Quality Educational Content: Collaborate with expert educators to create and curate high-quality educational content covering all subjects required for high school. This includes video lessons, readings, interactive exercises, and assessments.

Flexibility in Student Progress: Allow students to progress at their own pace. There are no strict deadlines to complete courses, enabling students to balance their studies with other responsibilities.

Personalized Assessments: Implement a flexible assessment system that can adapt to different learning styles and paces. Assessments could include online tests, projects, and written assignments.

Academic Support and Guidance: Provide continuous support through online tutors and academic advisors. This could include live tutoring sessions, discussion forums, and personalized counseling.

Certification and Recognition: Ensure the program is accredited and that the diplomas or certificates issued are recognized by educational institutions and employers.

Accessibility and Inclusion: Ensure the program is accessible to students with different abilities and backgrounds, including those with disabilities or living in areas with limited internet access.

Integration with Higher Education and the Job Market: Establish connections with universities and employers to facilitate the pathway of graduates to higher education or employment.

Continuous Update and Improvement: Keep the content and platform updated with the latest educational and technological trends.

Student Feedback: Implement a system to collect and analyze feedback and suggestions from students to continuously improve the program.

This project required careful planning, resources, and effective collaboration among technology experts, educators, and administrators. Its potential to offer quality and flexible education to a wide range of students is considerable, as there is a significant sector of the population with incomplete studies and no time to return to traditional classes.

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