Successful Relocation of a Manufacturing Company from Mexico City to an Industrial Park in Querétaro

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Our client, a leading manufacturer based in Mexico City, faced the challenge of relocating its operations to a more strategic and industrially conducive location. The decision to move to an industrial park in Querétaro was driven by the need for better logistics, enhanced production capacity, and proximity to key markets.

Project Planning and Coordination

From the outset, our team conducted a comprehensive assessment of the current facilities and requirements for the new site. This included detailed logistics planning, equipment inventory, and ensuring compliance with both environmental and industrial regulations. We established a dedicated project management office to oversee all aspects of the relocation, ensuring seamless communication and coordination between all stakeholders.

Infrastructure and Facilities

The new location in Querétaro’s industrial park offered modern infrastructure, improved utilities, and advanced safety systems. Our team worked closely with local authorities and industrial park managers to customize the facilities to meet the specific needs of our client’s production processes. This included installing state-of-the-art ventilation systems, specialized storage for hazardous materials, and ensuring the new plant layout optimized workflow efficiency.

Environmental and Regulatory Compliance

Given the nature of the products, adhering to environmental standards was paramount. We facilitated the necessary permits and conducted environmental impact assessments to ensure the new operations would be compliant with national and local regulations. Training sessions were also organized for the staff to familiarize them with new safety protocols and environmental practices.

Logistics and Equipment Transfer

One of the critical phases was the transfer of heavy machinery and sensitive equipment. We partnered with experienced logistics providers to manage the dismantling, transportation, and reassembly of the equipment. Each step was meticulously planned to minimize downtime and ensure that production could resume swiftly at the new location.

Employee Transition and Training

A significant aspect of the relocation was the smooth transition for the company’s workforce. We implemented a relocation assistance program for employees, including housing support and local orientation. Additionally, comprehensive training programs were conducted to acquaint the staff with new machinery, safety procedures, and operational protocols at the Querétaro facility.

Operational Readiness and Go-Live

Following the relocation, we conducted rigorous testing and quality assurance processes to ensure the new facility was fully operational. The successful re-launch of production was celebrated with a formal inauguration event, marking the beginning of a new era for our client in Querétaro.

The successful relocation project not only demonstrated our ability to manage complex logistical and operational challenges but also reinforced our commitment to supporting our clients through significant transitions. The new facility in Querétaro positions our client for enhanced growth and operational efficiency, underscoring the success of this meticulously executed relocation.

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